Frequently Asked Questions

When hydroponics sensors will be available ?

We want first to complete soil product line with light sensor and soil temperature before getting into hydro.
But no worries, we are as excited as you about this next stage, especially for vertical farming, and will do our very best to get into it.

Are soil sensors suitable for microgreens farming ?

Yes ! Plus you won’t need big probes, SS7 are more than enough.

I run a large operation and want to dedicate one mainbox per grow space.
Can I sync all of them to the same account ?

Yes, you can run multiple mainboxes with the same account. In the app, each device will be visible in a dedicated page and working independentely from the others.

Can i grow mushrooms with Digiplant ? 😉

In fact, it is one of our most beloved use case. We believe know mushrooms are one of the master key to this planet salvation (sorry martians). Ask Sir Stamets. we won’t get started here but will definitely share more and support the community. If you are serious in the shroomy game, please check ambassadors page.

Where are you from ? For real.

Our base station is near Paris with antennas in Austria and Asia. We have been living there for quite some time so simply consider us earthlings. Easier for everyone.