Digiplant started as a personal project in 2013, when one of our team members, back then an engineering student in south of France, had to deal with plant care problems while travelling back home. The idea to develop an automated and connected system for his most precious herbes-de-Provence quickly emerged and made sense, especially as there were close-to-none available solution, let alone affordable.

Celony Street, Aix-En-Provence
Once known for its fragrance

Google trend - IoT before it was cool

At the time, connected devices were a curiosity and “Internet of Things” a vague concept only found on eccentric IEEE papers or dystopian novels.
The available technical solutions were somehow functional but limited, costly, and lacking maturity.
Hence the choice to keep the project private for a relatively long time, while improving the system and observing this promising market.

V1 (2013), V2 (2015), V3 (2016)

Named Digiplant in 2016, the project saw many revisions and updates that can be boiled down to 5 major versions. The focus was always on getting a functional, cost effective and relevant system to respond to the initial need, from the urban grower perspective.
During the same period, the market witnessed the rise and fall of countless “smart” garden startups. For each of them, precious lessons for a potential opponent waiting behind the bush.

And now…

V1 (2013), V2 (2015), V3 (2016)

The Team

We are a small team of engineers dedicated to bringing to everyone (us included) the best gardening experience possible, with all the bells and whistles we would expect from such solution while keeping things easy and fun.

The company is based in France and our members are from all over the world. We have over 20 years of cumulated experience in various companies – from small startups to established multinationals – and various industries, mostly medical and automotive. Not only are we familiar with some of the highest design quality standards out there, we are also experienced in what to do (or not) in order to deliver a product, without much hair loss.

What more: we enjoy simple things. Good greens, fresh moutain air and a nice view are enough for us to call it a day.