User Manual

6. App Guide

6.2. Outputs

There are 4 widgets per outputs:

From left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Type selector
  2. Auto switch
  3. Manual button
  4. Output parameter

  1.Type selector

This is where each of the four 12V outputs can be configured to any of the following type:

  1. Water (pump or valve)
  2. Fan
  3. Light
  4. Not used

For example:

By default, all outputs are not used.

2. Auto switch

Each output type can be operating either in constant mode (auto OFF) or automatic mode (auto ON).
After setting type, output is working by default in constant mode.

Example: you choose OUT1 as fan and set slider value to 50%.
Fan is constantly running at 50% speed.
Once auto is enabled, slider is colored and automatic control is operating, according to measurement and user-defined parameters.
More details about automatic control on corresponding chapter.

3. Manual button

Manual button is active only when pressed. It activates output to 100%.

4. Output parameter

For each output type, the slider is used for a different parameter:


For Water, if auto switch is OFF, Moisture min parameter is inactive (used only in auto mode).

For Humidifier, if auto switch is ON, Humidifier parameter is inactive (used only in constant mode).