Getting Started & beyond

6. App Guide

      6.4. Info

Info page displays 3 widgets :
• Input Voltage
• Water Level (low, medium, full)
• DpOS Terminal

Here, the most important one is the terminal.
This vintage yet powerful interface is used to configure the system with simple commands while bringing back memories of MS-DOS glorious days.

> sensor

By default, all sensors are defined as Soil 1.
If you want to connect multiple sensors, sensor command must be used to assign to each of them a specific address.

Important: to avoid address conflict, out-of-the-box sensors must not be connected all together, but first configured one at a time.

> alert

You can define min and max levels alerts for each measurement.
When measurement is above max or below min, a notification is sent to your mobile.
After sending alert command, select one of these inputs:

A few notes:

  • For water level, 1 is low, 2 is medium and 3 is full.
    0 and 4 are non-active.
  • Input names are case insensitive.
    Meaning you can ask for s1 or S1, vin or VIN, and so on.


It is also possible to check all alert levels at once with:
> all
> read

reset brings back all values to default.

> gmt

A clock is displayed in mainbox at INFO page and while you won’t use it to check for lunch time, it is surely handy for the light controller to switch ON and OFF at the right moment.
Timezone is stored in memory and can be updated with gmt command.