Getting Started & beyond

5. Mainbox Guide

      5.1. User Interface

Mainbox’s user interface contains 2 elements:

  • Knob (rotation & push)
  • Screen

After boot, the screen displays INPUTS page and you can switch between them by rotating the knob.

INPUTS and INFO are read-only pages.

OUTPUTS and OPTIONS are read & write pages, meaning it is possible to change parameters value with the knob.

The complete description of those parameters is in chapter 6.
For now, let’s focus solely on the interface and see how those values can be modified.

There are 3 knob modes: page, selection, value.

Here is a step-by-step description on how to change a parameter:

  • Push to enter selection mode (arrow appears)
  • Rotate to highlight wanted parameter
  • Push to enter value mode (arrow blinks)
  • Rotate to change value
  • Push to validate & exit value mode, back to selection mode
  • Rotate beyond first or last line to exit selection mode back to page mode

Note: You can observe how any modification is reported to the app, and vice versa.

All that being said, best advice is to play around with this knob to get the feel of it.