Cacti greenhouse.

Cacti are like old-school boxers: tough yet so sensitive. Growing them indoor with the right climate conditions is a rewarding yet daunting task.

Any passionate grower will confirm that it takes time and trial-and-error with possibly many dead cacti in the process before getting a proper setup.

Digiplant helps with a suitable environment, ensuring the plant is watered with the right amount at the appropriate time.

Ornamental plants.

Choosing delicate and colorful flowers in the local market is always the best part.

On the other hand, keeping them fresh, healthy and strong – in one word, alive – can flip-over all the initial joy.

Digiplant will let you know whenever it is time to water through real-time data and alerts.

Aromatics in a closet.

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Whether you like your home-grown mint tea or basil-loaded pizza, you will have to properly grow them before enjoying the result.

« Wait wait, who is watering them during the moutain week trip ? »

It is always hard to come back from a trip, only to see your plants dead-dry, or at best in agony. Leave it to the Digiplant and get your backpack ready.

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