Living Room.

To want a piece of nature at home to give it a fresh and peaceful vibe is now a well understood and global trend.
« But when & how much to water them ? What about humidity ? Isn’t my dwarf banana tree supposed to be living in a tropical space ? Will it produce bananas ??? »
Digiplant aims at helping you answer those questions, by giving real-time insight into your indoor garden.

Grow Tent.

Just like the smallest seeds can give the biggest trees, this hobby can quickly escalate into more advanced operations.

For those commited to such scale, any optimization and automatization are most welcome to make it less time-consuming while more efficient.

With Digiplant, user can access his grow tent anytime anywhere with the mobile app.

The mainbox connects to the WIFI router and cloud server through an easy and safe in-app process.


Whenever a balcony, terrace or rooftop is populated with greens, gardening gets a little more complex with account of weather variation and climate instability.

Only a few hours are enough to loose a garden, be it a winter-like night in spring or a sahara-like wind in summer.

Let the Digiplant inform you of such not-so-much exceptional event and use sensors outdoor with confidence, thanks to their IP-65 waterproof design.