Sensors Product Line.

Available sensors:
  • TH Sensor – ambient temperature and humidity – ±0.3°C and ±3.0% RH
  • SSx Soil Sensor – water content in % – ±1.0% ( 7 and 15cm probe)
  • Water Level Sensor – 3 levels – full, low, empty
More to come: light, soil temperature, air quality, hydroponics (pH, eC)

Key factors for plants monitoring are ambient temperature and humidity, which are measured by TH sensor, included in every kit.
Each additional sensor is focused on a measurement for a specific environment: air, soil or water.

Together, they constitute a complete product line for tracking every aspect of a garden. In addition, a variety of techniques and features are embedded to ensure reliable & continuous operation for months on end.

All long range sensors include:
• Waterproof design
• DpEC™ mounting technique*
• DpSL™ technology*
*see tech