Frequently Asked Questions

We want first to complete ambient product line with CO² before getting into hydro. 
But no worries, we are as excited as you about this next stage, especially for vertical farming, and will definitely keep you informed when ready.

Yes, plus you won’t need big probes, SS7 are more than enough.

Yes, you can run multiple mainboxes with the same account. In the app, each device will be visible in a dedicated page and working independentely from the others.

A b s o l u t e l y.
In fact, it is one of our most beloved use case. We won’t get started here but will definitely share more and support the community.

Digiplant is made for indoor use. Therefore, outdoor use is not recommended and not covered by warranty. That being said, each one is free to use his Digiplant as he pleases and experiment with it.