User Manual

4. First Install

      4.3. Connect to Cloud

    The mainbox must know your WIFI credentials (name and password) to connect to the cloud. This process called provisioning is done mainly with the app. Here is how it goes.

A) Mainbox

Step 1 : enter SETUP mode in mainbox.
Look around for the secret button and press it (needle provided).

Step 2 : Enter provisioning mode.
Select SET credentials by pressing knob button.

Press again to enter provisioning mode.

    In this mode, mainbox is broadcasting a WIFI access-point named Blynk-XXXX (XXXX being a random value).
Now activate WIFI in your phone/tablet but do not connect to the access-point yet. It will be done via the app.

B) App

Step 1 : Enter provisioning mode.

Add new device

Connect to WIFI



  • Please ignore generic instruction (no blinking)
  • Check that mainbox is still ‘waiting for credentials’


Step 2 : Connect to access-point.

Step 3 : Enter your WIFI name and password.

Important: Mainbox is compatible 2.4GHz only (most common).

Device configuration is usually fast (<10s).
Provisioning is then complete.

Note: If configuration is stuck (rare), cancel and repeat from step 1.

The mainbox is now visible in the main page:

You can now access your device.